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ST Member - Gaupz.7041

Postby Gaupz » August 31st, 2012, 3:47 pm

Name: Gaupz.7041
Age: 20 years old.
Timezone: EST
How long have you been playing Guild Wars: SINCE GUILD WARS1? NEW TO GUILD WARS2? New to Guild wars, vet mmo player
How did you hear about us: Friend? Asked Arq in game about the guild.
Have read & agree with Guild/Alliance Policies: REQUIRED Yes.
A little about yourself: OPTIONAL come from a competitive FPS background(battlefield series) also played wow pretty hardcore for 5 years.(us top 100 guilds/high rated pvp) aion for 2(world pvp is sick).
love MMO's try to min/max as much as i can. looking for players to group with for content seeing as only a few of my buddies came over to gw2 and are still fairly low level. easy going guy but still serious about the game.
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Re: ST Member - Gaupz.7041

Postby River Prowler » August 31st, 2012, 7:39 pm

Congrats on 80 and welcome to ST! I've upgraded your forum permissions so that you can see the full forums. Be sure to jump on mumble if you have a chance, since many of us always hang out there while we play, and we'll be doing impromptu guild events all weekend, so watch guild chat too. Welcome aboard!

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