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ST Member - Sunlure.6341

Postby Sunlure » May 28th, 2013, 5:13 am

Name: Sunlure.6341
Age: 20
Timezone: EST
How long have you been playing Guild Wars: Have had game since release, gameplay slowed during school year. Will be playing a lot over the summer
What's your playstyle? I enjoy casual PvE or PvP, though I have little experience with PvP in GW2, I have played EQ1, EQ2, WOW, and a little bit of other MMOs
How did you hear about us: Real life friends with several current members, Xorin, Luxia, ARoundSquare, AngeloDenriaga
Have read & agree with Guild/Alliance Policies: Yes
A little about yourself: Current College student, entering junior year studying Chemistry. I have played EQ1, EQ2, WOW, and a little bit of other MMOs so I do have experience with this and similar games. I like reading fantasy, and playing games, particulary role playing (Final Fantasy)
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Re: ST Member - Sunlure.6341

Postby River Prowler » May 28th, 2013, 7:34 pm

Welcome aboard Sunlure. I've upgraded your permissions so you should be able to access the rest of the forums. Give one of us a shout and we'll send you a guild invite. See you in-game!

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