Siege Turtles Guild Quickfacts

  • Founded: 2006 (GW1)
  • Playstyle: PvE, WvW, some sPvP
  • Server: Stormbluff Isle
  • Size: 81, 40-50 logging on per day.
  • Most Active Time: Evenings PST
  • Leader: River Prowler
  • Voicecomm: Discord
  • Guild Upgrades: Full

ST Forum Decommissioned:

On APRIL 17, 2018, the old PHPbb forum was decommissioned . The site once served as the communication hub for the Siege Turtles. As technology has advanced, the guild as moved to Discord. If you would like details about our discord server, contact us in game.

Siege Turtles is a laid back guild with a playful demeanor and accommodates a wide range of playstyles. Home to casual gamer, theory crafter, PvPer and powergamer alike, the ultimate goal of ST is to foster a friendly and enjoyable environment.

In GW1, we often hosted contests and mini-games with prizes such as world-wide hide and seek and 1v1 tournaments. We plan to continue to host similar events and more in GW2, which provides a much more conducive environment for such events.

Historically, ST was a major player in GW1 as the leader of a large and powerful alliance. We were featured as a guild of the week in 2007. When Guild Wars released an elite dungeon, The Deep, that only allowed access to the top Alliance in the game, we set a new precedent by ferrying other players freely into the dungeon, adamant that players should not be barred from high-end content simply because they came from a smaller guild. We ultimately left our mark on the game as ArenaNet opened access of the elite dungeons to everyone through the implementation of passage scrolls.

We have a history of being organized, activity-oriented, and open to new members. We intend to play GW2 together in much the same spirit.

Currently, the guild has been focusing on running fractals and certain dungeons (CoE, AC, HotW, Arah). We usually have at least one nigth of WvW a week (typically on weekends) and routinely schedule other activities. For example, we run "alt zergs" wherein we set a time/date to map or bring alts to a specified map. We are a very social guild, and in the evenings/weekends, and is not unusual to find 5-15 guildies hanging out on the mumble server.

If you're interested in joning us for some events to see if you are a good fit, feel free to message River Halcyon, Renay Madrigal, or Jaz.

See you in game!